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USC Black Twitter Study Hits #BlackTwitter, Discussion & Hilarity Ensue

Black Twitter is currently the subject of a study by the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the researchers’ intent:

Developing a multi-method approach to studying public discourse on Twitter that explores both macro and micro-scale activity simultaneously in order to draw out particularly active, engaged “neighborhoods” within the larger population. Among the many different ways that audiences incorporate Twitter into their media ecologies, “live-tweeting” is one of the most promising for researchers. “Live-tweeting” refers to an open-ended discussion among casual viewers, producers, critics, fans, and anti-fans alike that unfolds in response to television programming, in connection with real-time viewing. From sports events to awards shows to original content, this sort of real-time activity offers a unique opportunity for researchers to listen in on live commentary from thousands of viewers at once.


Nature took its course once Black Twitter weighed in. Here are a few gems from Wednesday:





Study author @FuturePhDdaynaC weighed in about how the study was represented:



Academic studies and marketing research will undoubtedly continue attempting to analyze Black Twitter, and how it fulfills a vital space on the internet for Black folks to exchange ideas–a goal Ms. Chatman stresses in her tweets. Wouldn’t it be something if more studies focused on extracting market data or deciphering Scandal memes, and turning their efforts to the underlying issues that make Black Twitter so necessary in the first place?



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