Orange cannot continue to be the new Black.

When Orange Is Not The New Black

I live in an orange town, and it’s not in Florida. I live in a country divided by Blue and Red politics which has created Blue and Red states, led by an Orange President. When orange is not the new Black.

I live in a college town where the mascot is a tiger and the school rallying cry has been “Solid Orange” because no-one wants to see the Black stripes that make the tiger, a tiger. When orange is not the new Black.

And now on the heels of winning a national championship in college football my orange town is going to become a place where centuries of Black pain and suffering are forgotten for the sake of celebrating the highest accomplishment possible in collegiate football. When orange is not the new Black.

Simultaneously on the next level in that same sport, football has become the frontline of a war where the orange President has declared that the mostly Black bodies who play this sport should just go out into the field and do as their “owners” say or face being fired. Fired not because they are not good at their job but, because they refuse to stand for the national anthem of a nation (albeit their own) that will not take a stand for them. When orange is not the new Black.

The irony in being fired for refusing to stand while you take a stand against a nation that refuses to stand for you, thereby demonstrating just what you will stand for, is not lost on me. It is as clear as the orange jumpsuits that come to mind whenever we discuss the prison industrial complex and all of it’s subtle connections to the continued subjugation and de-facto enslavement of Black and Brown people. When orange is not the new Black.

So how is it that a nation divided by red and blue came to be orange? I have a theory. When you mix red and yellow you get orange. Red is the color of the political party that is responsible for the orange person we now have occupying the oval office. Yellow is generally associated as being the color for cowardice. When you combine cowardice with people who have red political ideologies but lack the courage (making them yellow cowards) to call out lies, bullying, and name calling you get orange. When orange is not the new Black.

When orange s not the new Black it becomes a color warning all that see it’s brightness that equity, inclusion, fairness, empathy, and even hope have no longer have a place in government. I don’t know about you but I am longing for the days that the nation becomes Magenta. That’s when orange is not the new Black, but red and blue become one.